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Welcome to IndieFAQs! Our goal is to provide a central database of walkthroughs and FAQs for independent games. As it's a wiki, anyone visiting the site is free to add their own guides.

Looking for help with an indie game? Simply type the name of the game into the searchbar at the side, or find it on the site's Master List in the "All Games" category. If you can't find a walkthrough for the game you're looking for, you could try asking for help over at the forums.

For more information about the site and help on contributing, see the about page.


9th April '08:

Unfortunately, due to persistent problems with spam getting past Bad Behavior, I've had to disable anonymous page editing (at least until I find a better solution to the spam problem). User registration is quick and painless though!

27th March '08:

My apologies for the lack of updates around here lately: I've been quite busy with other projects for the last month or so. Help and contributions are always appreciated!
Since the last update, another five games have been added, bringing the total number of games to 75.
New this time are Nifty (pictured) thanks to Zachary Hinchliffe, Karoshi, Kudzu, Varicella, and Slouching Towards Bedlam.
Fans of the database aspect of this project may be interested in the newest addition to TIGSource: TIGdb, a database of indie games. It should be open to public contributions very soon, and with over 60 games already, it's well worth a browse.