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[[TIGSaga|TIGSaga is here!]]
== IndieFAQs ==
== IndieFAQs ==

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TIGSaga is here!


Welcome to IndieFAQs! Our goal is to provide a central database of walkthroughs and FAQs for independent games. As it's a wiki, anyone visiting the site is free to add their own guides.

  • What qualifys as an indie game?: We don't feel it's necessary to be too strict about definitions for the purposes of this site. If you can't find an FAQ on GameFAQs.com, consider it an indie game!
  • Why create this site?: Because we figured having a central place to go to find walkthroughs for indie games would be useful. Walkthroughs for difficult indie games can be tricky to find, especially if it's been a while since the release. Having a place to store them means there's no danger of the site hosting the walkthrough disappearing once the initial activity around the game's died down.


Looking for a walkthrough? Simply type the name of the game into the searchbar at the side, or find it on the site's Master List in the "All Games" category.

If you can't find a walkthrough the game you're looking for, you could try asking for help over at the forums. Alternatively, if you manage find a walkthrough somewhere else, consider coming back to add a link to it yourself for other users!

In general, though: if you're looking for help with a flash game, try searching the archives at JayIsGames - they frequently compile walkthroughs for difficult flash games from the comments. If you're looking for help with Interactive Fiction, try searching for the game on Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive.


If you'd like to help, there are quite a few things you can do:

  • Submit a Walkthrough: The best thing you can do to help the site is to submit content to it. If you've mastered a game, feel free to add a page for your walkthrough to the wiki.
  • Add a link: If you know of a walkthrough to an indie game that isn't on the site, it would be a big help to add a link to it on the appropriate game page. Ideally, if you know the person who wrote the guide, you could ask them if they wouldn't mind us adding it to the wiki so that we don't have problems with broken links in the future!
  • Add a Game: Each game needs a portal page listing all the walkthroughs for it, along with a description of the game. If you'd like to see a particular game given a walkthrough you could add the game's page yourself to save someone else the hassle.

(might need these default links later) Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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